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The Amazing Race Bangkok Team building events

The Amazing Race Bangkok, inspired by the popular TV reality series, is one of our most popular events and has proven to be sure with our clients in all business sectors.


The Amazing Race Bangkok features a challenging activities that take in famous and historical sites, monuments, landmarks and places of interest in Bangkok Thailand.


We aim to prove that the human race really is amazing!


The Amazing Race Bangkok challenge will brought your teams make their way to iconic Bangkok landmarks and locations encountering Decision and Obstacle challenges as they race around the Bangkok city to finish as the number one team. As teams race from one location to another, they will have to solve clues and navigate their way around the Bangkok city either by foot or public transport (BTS Sky train), making key decisions on the best and quickest route. At each of the locations, teams will then have to work together to perform a variety of different activities or tasks designed to test their teamwork, problem solving, communication and decision making in order to receive the clue to their next location.

Briefing together first: The Amazing Race Bangkok Teams will meet your team at the start of the race at meeting room in the hotel. They are given instructions on the route’s details and safety concern of the challenges, which can be completed in any order. Teams begin the race, completing all the challenges as quickly as possible and be safety, acquiring clues after each challenge allowing them to proceed. The objective is simple by all team will complete all the challenges mission and be the first team back to the finish point.

The Amazing Race Bangkok will brought your teams visit popular tourist attractions and get to explore the city while working together in teams to solve clues. They will have to navigate through Route Markers, Road Blocks and Detours in a race against the clock. Each group collects points in pursuit of being crowned an Amazing Race Bangkok champion.

To rise to the top of the leader board of competition teams must effectively use communication, problem solving, strategy and creativity. It is not enough to simply solve the challenges. Teams battle the clock in a race to the finish line in the entertaining and rewarding Amazing Race Bangkok team building activity.

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